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Villars' Caves

Located near Brantôme in Périgord Vert, the cave of Villars has a dual interest: geology and prehistory ; it is indeed the only cave in Périgord to present original prehistoric paintings and natural concretions.

The underground river has dug huge halls incorporated in one of the galleries. The infiltration of water has created one of the most beautiful natural scenery. It includes all types of speleothems: calcite flows, thin stalactites, Uygur, translucent draperies and countless stalagmites. A spectacular staging sound and light evokes the stages of formation of the cave.

The prehistorical part is decorated with prehistoric cave paintings 17,000 years. Some horses like the rotunda are covered with a thin layer of calcite which gives them a blue color so special. The scene of the Bison and the Sorcerer is one of the few human representations of prehistoric art.

In this preserved environment you will find :
A large free car park, accessible to coaches
A reception building with shop, ice cream, bar, shady terrace
A picnic area with tables
A playground equipped for children

Times and opening Dates
Opened every day from 04/1st to 11/11th
April, May, June, September : 10 to 12am and 2 to 6pm
July, August : 10am to 7pm
October, November : 2pm to 6:00pm

Adult : €11.00
Teen (12-17) : €9.00
Child (5-11) : €7.50

Tel: 05 53 54 82 36